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Nutrition is at the forefront of people's minds more than ever before. As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, they want to know exactly what they're putting into their bodies. This is where nutritional labels come into play, offering vital information about a product's ingredients, serving sizes, and nutrient content. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of nutritional labels and explore how you can print your own with the help of a digital color label printer.

What are Nutritional Labels?

Nutritional labels, also known as nutrition facts labels, are informative panels found on food and beverage products. These labels provide detailed information about the nutritional content of the product, allowing consumers to make informed choices about their diet and health. Nutritional labels are mandated by regulatory agencies in many countries to ensure transparency and promote healthier eating habits.

What is Included in a Nutritional Label?

A standard nutritional label contains several key elements that offer valuable insights into a product's nutritional profile. Here's a breakdown of what you can typically find on a nutritional label:

1. Serving Size: This section specifies the recommended serving size for the product. It helps consumers understand how many servings are in a single package and the nutritional values associated with that serving size.

2. Calories: The number of calories per serving is indicated, giving consumers an idea of the product's energy content.

3. Nutrients: Nutritional labels list various nutrients, including macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. The amounts of each nutrient per serving are provided, usually in grams or milligrams.

4. Percent Daily Value: The Percent Daily Value (% DV) helps consumers gauge how a specific nutrient in the product contributes to their daily diet. It's based on a daily intake of 2,000 calories, which is a general reference point. The % DV is particularly helpful for understanding whether a nutrient is low (5% or less) or high (20% or more) in a particular product.

Printing Your Own Nutritional Labels

While nutritional labels are typically printed by food manufacturers and producers, there are situations where individuals or small-scale businesses may need to print their own nutritional labels. This can be especially relevant for homemade or small-batch food products, dietary supplements, or specialty items. Here's how you can print your own nutritional labels using a digital color label printer:

1. Choose the Right Label Printer: To create professional-looking nutritional labels, you'll need a digital color label printer. These printers are designed for high-quality label printing, allowing you to customize labels with text, graphics, and barcodes. Make sure to select a printer that suits your specific labeling needs and budget.

2. Design Your Labels: Use label design software or graphic design tools to create the layout for your nutritional labels. You'll need to include all the required elements such as serving size, calories, nutrients, and % DV. Ensure that your labels comply with regulatory guidelines and standards, such as those provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

3. Select Label Material: Choose label material that is suitable for your product and its packaging. Consider factors like label size, shape, and adhesive properties. Ensure that the label material meets any legal requirements, such as being food-safe and resistant to moisture or oil.

4. Print and Apply Labels: Once your labels are designed and the material is selected, you can use your digital color label printer to print the labels. Ensure that the printer settings are correctly configured for the label material. After printing, apply the labels to your product packaging accurately and securely.

5. Review Legal Requirements: Before selling your products with self-printed nutritional labels, it's essential to ensure compliance with local and national regulations. Different countries may have specific labeling requirements and guidelines that you must follow to avoid legal issues.

Benefits of Printing Your Own Nutritional Labels

Printing your own nutritional labels offers several advantages, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • Customization: You have full control over the design and content of your labels, allowing you to create a unique and attractive product presentation.
  • Cost-Effective: Printing labels in-house can be more cost-effective than outsourcing the job to a third-party printer, especially for small batches.
  • Quick Turnaround: With a digital color label printer, you can produce labels on-demand, reducing lead times and ensuring timely product labeling.
  • Flexibility: You can easily update labels for product variations, seasonal changes, or regulatory updates without the need to order new labels from a printing company.

What are the Best Nutritional Label Printers?

In today's health-conscious world, clear and accurate nutritional labeling is essential for businesses that produce food, supplements, and dietary products. Whether you're a small-scale artisan or a large manufacturer, investing in a high-quality nutritional label printer can help you create professional labels that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy consumer demands. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best nutritional label printers available on the market.

1. Epson ColorWorks C7500 Matte Inkjet Color Label Printer

SKU: C31CD84011 | GTIN: 814420980091

The Epson ColorWorks C7500 is a versatile inkjet color label printer designed for industrial and commercial label printing. It's well-suited for businesses that require high-quality labels with vibrant colors and sharp text. Here are some key features of the Epson C7500:

  • Matte Finish: The printer is equipped with PrecisionCore technology, allowing it to produce labels with a matte finish, which is perfect for nutritional labels.
  • Fast Printing: With a printing speed of up to 11.8 inches per second, the C7500 is ideal for high-volume label production.
  • Durable Labels: The printer uses pigment-based inks that are water-resistant and smudge-proof, ensuring that your labels remain clear and legible.
  • Precision Printing: It offers precise color matching, making it easy to replicate your brand's colors accurately.
  • User-Friendly: The C7500 comes with an intuitive touch screen for easy setup and operation.

2. NeuraLabel Callisto 12″ Wide Pigment Industrial Color Label Printer


The NeuraLabel Callisto is an industrial-grade color label printer known for its durability and versatility. It's an excellent choice for businesses that require wide-format labels with pigment-based ink for longevity. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Wide Format: With a maximum print width of 12 inches, the Callisto is suitable for printing large labels or multiple labels on a single sheet.
  • Pigment Ink: It uses pigment-based inks that are highly resistant to water, UV light, and chemicals, ensuring label durability.
  • High Resolution: The printer can produce labels with a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, delivering sharp and vibrant prints.
  • Fast Speed: The Callisto offers high-speed printing, making it suitable for businesses with demanding label production needs.
  • Versatility: It supports various label materials and sizes, allowing you to create labels tailored to your specific product packaging.

3. Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

SKU: LX500c

The Primera LX500 is a compact and affordable color-label printer designed for small businesses and startups. It's an excellent choice for businesses looking to print high-quality nutritional labels without a significant investment. Here are some of its key features:

  • Compact Design: The LX500's compact footprint makes it suitable for small workspaces.
  • High-Quality Printing: Despite its size, it offers vibrant and high-resolution label printing.
  • User-Friendly: It comes with easy-to-use label design software, making it accessible to users with varying levels of experience.
  • Affordability: The LX500 is budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for startups and small businesses.
  • Versatility: It supports a wide range of label materials, allowing you to create labels that suit your product's needs.

4. Afinia L502 Duo Ink Color Label Printer (Dye Version)

SKU: 35417

The Afinia L502 Duo Ink Color Label Printer is a versatile and efficient option for businesses that require dual ink capabilities for vibrant and durable labels. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Dual Ink System: The L502 offers both dye-based and pigment-based inks, allowing you to choose the best ink type for your label needs.
  • Vivid Colors: Dye-based inks provide vibrant and eye-catching colors, making your nutritional labels stand out.
  • High Resolution: It delivers high-resolution prints, ensuring clarity and detail in your labels.
  • Durability: With pigment-based inks, you can create labels that are resistant to water and other environmental factors.
  • Ease of Use: The printer features a user-friendly touchscreen interface for easy setup and operation.

5. Primera LX910 Color Label Printer

SKU: LX910

The Primera LX910 is an advanced color label printer that offers exceptional image quality and versatility. It's suitable for businesses that prioritize image clarity and color accuracy. Here's what you can expect from the LX910:

  • High-Quality Printing: It boasts an impressive print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, ensuring crisp and detailed labels.
  • Fast Printing: The LX910 can produce labels at a speed of up to 4.5 inches per second, making it efficient for high-volume printing.
  • Individual Ink Cartridges: The printer uses individual ink cartridges for each color, allowing you to replace only the ink that runs out.
  • Wireless Printing: It offers wireless connectivity options for convenient printing from various devices.
  • Versatility: The LX910 can handle a variety of label sizes and materials, accommodating your unique labeling requirements.

6. Afinia L701 Digital Color Label Printer

SKU: 31854

The Afinia L701 is a high-speed digital color label printer designed for businesses that demand rapid label production without sacrificing quality. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Speed: The L701 can print labels at impressive speeds, making it suitable for businesses with high-volume label needs.
  • Vivid Color: It uses dye-based inks to produce labels with vibrant and true-to-life colors.
  • Versatility: The printer supports a wide range of label sizes and materials, ensuring flexibility in label design.
  • Ease of Use: It comes with user-friendly software for label design and customization.
  • High Resolution: The L701 offers a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, resulting in sharp and detailed labels.

In conclusion, choosing the right nutritional label printer depends on your specific business needs, budget, and label requirements. Each of the mentioned printers has its unique features and advantages, catering to various industries and printing demands. Whether you're a small startup or a large manufacturer, investing in a reliable nutritional label printer can streamline your label production process and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, ultimately helping your products stand out in a competitive market.

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